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Characteristics of desulfurization butterfly valve
Butterfly valve is based on the principle of pipeline baffle, using a disc (door) as the control element. The disc is fixed on the spindle and controlled to open and close with a rotating spindle. This valve has a simple structure and takes up little space. It is used as a shut-off valve in most slurry pipelines.
Butterfly valves have the following characteristics:

(1) Small in size and quality, easy to install, with a mass of only 1/3 to 1/4 of the same level gate valve, and a height and width of only 1/3 of the same level gate valve;

(2) The cutting performance is better than that of gate valves and globe valves;

(3) Good regulation performance, not only low pressure drop, but also wide regulation range;

(4) Simple structure, easy to maintain;

(5) Compared with gate valves and globe valves of the same temperature and pressure level, butterfly valves are cheaper in price.
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