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Desulfurization valve

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1. Purpose

The desulfurization butterfly valve adopts a medium line design, and its main structure is composed of valve body, valve plate, valve seat, valve stem, and transmission and operation machinery. According to the physical and chemical properties of different media, corresponding materials that are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, light, and aging are selected; Different combinations can be suitable for various media and temperatures. They can be widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, metallurgy and fertilizers, electric power and pharmaceuticals, municipal construction, fire heating, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, etc., especially as mediation and interception devices on fluid pipelines in desulfurization systems.

2. Execution standards

1. Design and manufacturing in accordance with AWWA-C540-80 and GB/T12238 standards

2. The length of the structure shall be in accordance with the GB/T12221 standard or the protocol.

3. Connection method according to GB/T17241.2 and GB/T 9113

4. Inspection and testing shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T13927 or protocols.

Valve plate materials available: ductile iron chrome plated, ductile iron lined with nylon, lined with fluororubber, 304, 316, 316L, 2205, 2507, 1.4462, 1.4529, C276, etc. Process water, circulating water, and valve plate materials are generally made of ductile iron chrome plated or 304. Air or oxidized air is plated with chromium or 304 ductile iron. However, when used for oxidizing air valve seats, attention should be paid to the medium temperature. Generally, heat-resistant EPDM is used for valve seats. Medium with high CL ion concentration, such as slurry and wastewater, generally use 2205, 2507, 1.4462, 1.4529, and C276. The higher the concentration of Cl ions, the higher the material of the valve plate. The general medium is limestone, gypsum slurry or recycled water with [Cl -]<30000mg/L, and duplex stainless steel 2507 and 2205 can be used; When recovering water from slurry with a concentration of 30000mg/L<[Cl -]<50000mg/L, super austenitic stainless steel 1.4529 and 254SMO can be selected; When using limestone slurry and gypsum slurry with a concentration of 50000-18000mg/L (PPM), Ni based alloy C276 with strong corrosion resistance can be selected

Product features

1. The design is novel, reasonable, and has a unique structure, with light weight and fast opening and closing.

2. Small operating torque, convenient operation, labor-saving and agile.

3. It can be installed and maintained conveniently in any position.

4. The sealing element can be replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable, achieving zero leakage in both directions.

5. The sealing material has characteristics such as aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

Preservation and handling

1. Save

If the valve needs to be stored for a period of time before installation, it should be stored in the original packaging box used at the time of delivery. The storage location should be in a clean and dry room. Butterfly valves should maintain a 5% opening during storage to prevent significant compression of the rubber and aging when not in use.

2. Handling

During the transportation of valves, it is necessary to ensure that the machining surface, valve seat, and inner and outer surfaces are not damaged. During the handling process, it is necessary to use hooks, bundles, or other safe and reliable handling methods. Warning: During the lifting process, the rope must not be tied to the driver or other components other than the valve body. It should be ensured that the rope can bear the weight of the valve enough to prevent the rope from breaking and causing unnecessary damage.


Carefully read this manual before installation

1. Pre installation inspection

1.1. Carefully remove the valve from the packaging, being careful not to cause any damage to the valve that may affect its use

1.2. Check whether the valve meets the requirements of the order, check whether the valve body, sealing surface, valve stem, handwheel, connection size, etc. are intact or correct, check whether the valve can be opened and closed in place, and check for any violations of operation.

1.3. Check whether the pipeline is clean and ensure that the installation pipeline is clean. The pipeline needs to have automatic compensation function to avoid excessive sealing pressure on the flange sealing surface, which will affect the service life and reliability of the valve. For clamp butterfly valves, special flanges for butterfly valves must be used.

2. Installation

2.1. The valve can only be installed on the pipeline after the pipeline flange is welded and cooled to room temperature. Otherwise, the high temperature generated by welding will damage the lining material.

2.2. The welding surface of the flange must be treated to remove factors that affect quality, such as welding slag, burrs, unnecessary damage and deformation.

3. Precautions

3.1 Valves cannot be used as support devices for pipelines.

During installation, attention should be paid to the correct positioning of adjacent pipelines.

3.3. The handling and operation during installation must be carried out in accordance with this manual.

3.4. The operation process must comply with the corresponding national laws and regulations.

After sales service commitment

Our company's philosophy is: quality first, customer first. Our company has established a specialized agency for after-sales service. If you have any questions about the quality of our products, we will do our best to serve you. We guarantee your satisfaction. Welcome new and old customers to use our products.

1. If the user really needs it, our company can arrange a dedicated person to provide guidance and debugging during the product debugging process.

2. One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

3. During the warranty period, three guarantees (repair, replacement, and return) will be implemented. In case of quality problems caused by human damage or improper operation, our company is responsible for free repair. If the repair is not good, we guarantee replacement. If the replacement still does not solve the quality problem, we guarantee a return;

4. Exceeding the warranty period: Our company is responsible for lifelong maintenance, and the cost of spare parts is borne by the user;

5. Our company provides customers with 24-hour after-sales service. Received a call and responded within 2 hours (mainly a response plan). Local users will send someone to come and inspect within 4-8 hours. After consultation between users from other regions, we will arrive at the user's site within 48 hours or subject to mutual agreement